Dr. James Norris has developed the skills to help individuals and corporations achieve success
through his education and life experiences. He has created the tools necessary to overcome
interpersonal, diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges, and obstacles creating healthy
environments for individuals or team members. While success is very personal and unique to all
individuals, it can be achieved by following a template of simple and actionable steps. The goal
of Norris Consulting is to demonstrate these steps in a straightforward and meaningful way to
provide solutions to achieve all of your teams’ goals.

Norris Consulting utilizes a framework of the four A’s – Acknowledge, Accept, Adapt, and
Achieve to reach success. Dr. Norris will meet with you and/or your team to establish the
meaning of success and the goals of the consulting process. During this process you and your
team members will begin to acknowledge and accept obstacles to achieving success,
weaknesses and strengths of the team, steps that have been taken and the success your team
has already achieved. Acceptance of the true nature of the situation will help individuals to
change their mindset regarding the ability to achieve their ultimate goals. Individuals and teams
will be taught how to adapt their behavior to work within the actual set of circumstances they
face. Acknowledgement, acceptance, and adaptation will result in great achievements for you
and your team. Dr. Norris will provide continuous feedback and create a long term plan
facilitating sustainable success.

Dr. James Norris grew up in a single parent household in inner city Los Angeles county. Gun
violence and negative experiences were frequent occurrences throughout his childhood.
Through all of this, Dr. Norris’ mother stressed the importance of education as a tool to shape
his life path and help him to leave the inner city behind. Paying for this education would prove
difficult. Athletics were the second tool that Dr. Norris utilized to help finance the education
necessary to achieve the success that he desired in life. The four A’s were an integral part of Dr.
Norris’ upbringing and ability to attain success. Dr. Norris holds an Associates of Arts degree,
Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in education, Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, and
Doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision.

Success is inevitable….The only reason we are not successful is because we stop before the success we are striving for manifests itself.”